How to manage your Airbnb in London safely

Airbnb presents individuals with an excellent way to rent out their spare space for additional income. Although Airbnb hosts stand to make a killing, hosting is not always as straightforward as it may appear. For you to manage your Airbnb in London properly, you will have to deal with an array of challenges and safety is one of them. 

As an Airbnb host, it is important that you take preventative and reactive measures with the aim of keeping your property and your guests safe. If you are looking to manage your Airbnb in London safely, here are some tips to help:

Start with the basics

As a host, keeping your guests and your property safe all starts with the basics. Before you can consider any complex safety measures, some of the basic things that you will have to handle include:

  • Keeping any valuables locked up.
  • If there are any areas that you do not want guests accessing, ensure that they are cordoned off.
  • Replace any expensive valuables with cheaper alternatives that you do not mind being damaged or broken.
  • Check in with your guests every now and again to make sure that everything is as they expected. 
  • Demonstrate your interest in the safety and well being by handling any security issues before they get out of control.

Consider keyless door locks

Keyless door locks are an excellent idea especially if you cannot be there to welcome each and every guest upon their arrival. Keyless door locks are also great because guests can leave once they are ready without worrying about having to hand over their keys. These types of keys also prevent against loss as the only thing that guests need is a code that they can then use to access your property. With keyless guest locks, hosts can be notified whenever someone accesses the property.

Maintain fire safety

Installing fire safety devices is essential as a host as it will keep your property and its inhabitants safe at all times. Fire safety devices are widely accessible today and they are affordable and easy to install. The type of devices that you should add include smoke detectors, fire extinguisher, fire blankets and anything else that can prevent a fire from escalating or starting in the first place.

Supply a first aid kit

Keeping a well-stocked first aid kit in your property should be a no-brainer for any host. Not only will it make you a responsible host, but it will also make the guests feel that their wellbeing is well taken care of. Stocking first aid kits in your rental recognizes that accidents happen and if help is not immediately available in the event of one, your guests will be able to keep things in check until professional assistance arrives. It’s not an easy task to manage your Airbnb Property. For a professional Airbnb Management you can rely on reputable company such as Home Concierge as they have many years experience in offering Airbnb Property Management.

Everything you need to know about Gold Handicaps

If you are a fan of golf and enjoy watching it, you may have heard the term handicap being thrownaround by commentators. Though the term handicap may sound foreign and complex to new golfers, the term handicap actually refers to a numerical figure that is given to determine a player’s level of playing. As such, the handicap system is typically what separates the pros from the amateurs but very few individuals actually understand the science handicap system.

What exactly is the handicap system?

There is no universally accepted definition of the handicap system. However, it is generally agreed upon that the handicap system is the system that is used to determine the number of strokes above or below par that a golfer should be able to play at any one time. Basically, the system measures a golfer’s current skill or ability over a round of golf; and this ability is determined by a handicap number. The lower the handicap number, the more skilled the golfer is. There are various handicap systems in the world, but the most commonly used one is the one developedby the United States Golf Association.

How to get a golf handicap

There are various bodies in golf, situated in different parts of the world that govern and administer official handicaps. In most countries, even the United States, you cannot claim to have an official handicap without first joining a golf club or association.

If you have never played golf before, you cannot claim to have a handicap. To get one, you will have to join a club that can allow you to play so that you can be able to assign a number to your progress. When trying to come up with your handicap, one of the first things you have to do is keep score.

To keep score, simply have another golfer accompany you in a round of eighteen holes. The person that accompanies you must keep score before signing the score sheet or card at the end of the golfing round. You will have to play approximately 10 rounds of golf before you can qualify for a handicap.

To calculate the handicap, you will first need to get the course and slope rating of the property you intend to play on from the club itself. Manually, handicaps are calculated by subtracting the course rating from the golfer’s score and multiplying the number by 113. Nowadays, the mostclubshavecomputers into which golfers can feed their scores. Rather than calculate the handicap manually, the computer program does all the world and updates the handicap as the player progresses.

How to Do Fast End of Lease Cleaning for a Big House

End of lease cleaning is a condition in the tenancy agreement of whatever house you lease. The landlord has a right to get back the house in a state of cleanliness like it was at the beginning of the lease. End of lease cleaning is understandably a tiring and time-consuming task. The house must be cleaned from the topmost point on the ceiling to the hidden floor under the heavy sofas. It is not only tiring but also involves an element of risk. Cleaning at heights requires climbing high ladders. Stain removal requires handling harsh bleaches. What options are there to clean big house fast and do the job right?

DIY cleaning

A Do-It-Yourself approach to cleaning a big house would highly inefficient and most likely end up badly. End of lease cleaning is a task that involves more than the regular wiping, dusting and vacuuming. There is long-accumulated dust on the carpet under heavy furniture items to be cleaned. There are cobwebs on the ceiling to be removed, there is grease on the kitchen floor to wash off. A brush, mop and bucket would be woefully inadequate for such tasks.

Professional end of lease cleaners

Using professional cleaners is a smarter option when doing end of lease cleaning for a big house. A cleaning service has several advantages over DIY cleaning:

  • More manpower

A cleaning service is able to deploy more cleaners at a short notice than you would when cleaning DIY. It would take time to mobilize your family and friends while a cleaning service can just make calls to cleaners in its database.

  • Better equipment

A professional cleaning service is likely to have more equipment in its store than a household would have. While you most likely have a vacuum cleaner, a heavy-duty cleaning job will require more than one. The job will also require dry cleaners for the upholstery. Stubborn stains will require industrial grade bleach. A cleaning agency will easily mobilize this equipment and material.

  • Convenience

There are tens of tasks of small tasks to attend to when moving houses. There is little time for going back to your old house to clean. If you have moved to a different city, this would be impossible or make little sense. It is more convenient to hire a professional end of lease cleaning to do the job.

Leaving a professional end of lease cleaning service is more advantageous and guarantees a cleaning job that is unlikely to be disputed, making it faster to get your tenancy deposit back and ensure you use adequate end of tenancy cleaners.

Selling Your House? Post Tenancy Cleaning Gets More Money

If you are selling your house, it is no secret that curb appeal plays a big role in the price you get. Unfortunately, many people will make the house look as possible on the outside and forget to work on the interior. But many potential buyers will be keener on an interior inspection rather and see past efforts to beautify the outside. It is also true that a potential buyer will be turned off by the slightest imperfection, including hidden dust and dirt. As such, it is highly recommended that you engage the services of a post tenancy cleaning London service. How can a professional cleaning service get you more money when selling a house?

Better repairs

Post tenancy cleaning allows you to see the extent of wear and tear that occurred during the previous tenancy. You can see where mold damage has occurred after the mould is cleaned off. You can see the stains on the floor that will not go away despite all you’re cleaning efforts, you can see the water stains in the bathroom.

With thorough cleaning from top to bottom, a lot is revealed that enables comprehensive repairs to restore the house to a state as good as new. If new faucets are needed to replace the water-stained ones, this is done. If the ceiling is too damaged by mold, you will replace it, and so on. This is a better approach to the restoration rather than have potential buyers point out these flaws as they look elsewhere.

Eliminate hazards

Different people have different lifestyles. It could be that the previous occupant of the house was fond of pets, keeping several of them in the house. This will present an element of risk to the new owners if they are allergic to pet dander. Some pets also leave behind strong odors. Post tenancy cleaning London services are able to thoroughly vacuum and eliminate any pet dander, waste, and other hazards, leaving the house clean and smelling fresh.

Better styling options

A new buyer will often want to style the house in her own way. Post tenancy cleaning removes all traces of the previous occupants leaving the house a clean slate for the next occupant to put in place his/her own décor and styling options. A buyer will be more willing to look at a house which has open options than one which is locked in styling options.

Post tenancy cleaning London services are your best bet for having a house that will pass the inspection of potential buyers and make an impression, giving you a better negotiating position.

7 Etiquette Mistakes to Avoid on the Golf Course

Golf is a gentleman’s game with unsaid etiquette rules guiding the interactions between players. It is possible to win a game of golf and receive cold nods, while the guy behind you gets wild applause. It all comes to good manners on the golf course. Here are some etiquette mistakes you should avoid, for a smooth game.

Mobile phone distractions

Mobile phones are nowadays allowed on golf courses. But you should use your mobile in a way that does not distract other players. A ringing mobile could be a distraction when another player is concentrating on the backswing. It is also time for a game, so no one wants to hear why your laundry delivery has not been made.

Not repairing the turf you damage

You can make ball marks using a small knife or a tee. Remember to replace divots or spread some seed-mix. Make a point of properly raking bunkers after your shot. The rake should not leave deep furrows but rather a smooth surface.

Slowing other people down too much

It is understandable that not all people can play at the same pace. However, slowing other players unnecessarily such that the group behind catches can spoil the game. If you are the slowest player, encourage the other players to be fast so that you are always ahead of the group behind. Do not spend too much time searching for a lost ball.  Spend a maximum of 5 minutes looking for a ball.

Not tracking your ball

It is downright unprofessional and punishable mixing up balls. You lose the hole in a match play and incur a two-stroke penalty in a stroke play. You will also have to go back and play the correct ball, otherwise play on under the rules of a ball in the hazard or a lost ball. Ignoring this and teeing off at the next hole will get you disqualified. Always mark your ball uniquely using an indelible marker to identify it easier in the bushes.

Stepping onto another player’s line

Stepping between a player and the whole while on the green is just rude. While it makes no difference to the player’s play, it is bad manners. Inspect other player’s positions before stepping on the green.

Losing your temper

Different players have different skills. Just because your shots are off-target is not an excuse to go cursing and making theatrics. Your bad temper can become infectious. Remember it is a game after all. You are there to enjoy it and improve your skills.


7 Essential Golf Accessories for a Smoother Game

A game of golf is meant to be leisurely, takes time and gives you time to appreciate talking with friends and taking in lots of fresh air.  As a new golfer, you will be forgiven to worry if you are missing an item that is crucial.  While missing a certain golf club could be fatal to your game, there are some accessories that are overlooked, but which can make a big difference to your game. Add these accessories to your bag and see your levels of comfort rise in-play.

A change of clothes

If you are playing in the sun for a few hours, expect your golf shirt to get drenched, which gets uncomfortable (and shabby) as the games progresses. An extra shirt comes in handy.  An extra pair of shorts or slacks is also handy if you are playing in muddy conditions, and you get splattered and dirty. One or two extra pairs of socks are also very useful if you get your feet wet in a puddle.

You will also need at least 3 towels; one for your face and hands, one for drying the club, and one to use if you get drenched in the rain.


A tube of sunscreen is very useful when playing in the sun. This will keep your face, neck and arms safe from sunburn, irritation and chafing.

Rain gear

As an open air game, unexpected weather changes can occur. This is especially if you are playing in the tropics where sunshine and showers interchange irregularly.  Rain gear to have in your bag includes a jacket, rain hat and gloves. You should also carry a good umbrella that is lightweight but wide enough to keep raindrops away from your legs as you walk. Remember to carry a bag cover to keep your sticks and other items in the bag dry.

First aid kit

You could fall and scrape your knee, or get bramble splinters when walking in the woods. You will want to be prepared in case anything happens. Standard items to have in a first aid kit include bandages, wraps, antiseptic swabs, cotton wool, painkillers, small scissors and a small knife.

Marker pens

You will need to mark your balls. You can also use the pen for the scorecard.


There are different people working to make your golfing experience comfortable, including the caddy, the cart guy, and the staff at the club. You will want to tip to win a few favors now and then. You can also place a bet with the other players.

Business cards

Carry a few business cards for networking purposes.