7 Essential Golf Accessories for a Smoother Game

A game of golf is meant to be leisurely, takes time and gives you time to appreciate talking with friends and taking in lots of fresh air.  As a new golfer, you will be forgiven to worry if you are missing an item that is crucial.  While missing a certain golf club could be fatal to your game, there are some accessories that are overlooked, but which can make a big difference to your game. Add these accessories to your bag and see your levels of comfort rise in-play.

A change of clothes

If you are playing in the sun for a few hours, expect your golf shirt to get drenched, which gets uncomfortable (and shabby) as the games progresses. An extra shirt comes in handy.  An extra pair of shorts or slacks is also handy if you are playing in muddy conditions, and you get splattered and dirty. One or two extra pairs of socks are also very useful if you get your feet wet in a puddle.

You will also need at least 3 towels; one for your face and hands, one for drying the club, and one to use if you get drenched in the rain.


A tube of sunscreen is very useful when playing in the sun. This will keep your face, neck and arms safe from sunburn, irritation and chafing.

Rain gear

As an open air game, unexpected weather changes can occur. This is especially if you are playing in the tropics where sunshine and showers interchange irregularly.  Rain gear to have in your bag includes a jacket, rain hat and gloves. You should also carry a good umbrella that is lightweight but wide enough to keep raindrops away from your legs as you walk. Remember to carry a bag cover to keep your sticks and other items in the bag dry.

First aid kit

You could fall and scrape your knee, or get bramble splinters when walking in the woods. You will want to be prepared in case anything happens. Standard items to have in a first aid kit include bandages, wraps, antiseptic swabs, cotton wool, painkillers, small scissors and a small knife.

Marker pens

You will need to mark your balls. You can also use the pen for the scorecard.


There are different people working to make your golfing experience comfortable, including the caddy, the cart guy, and the staff at the club. You will want to tip to win a few favors now and then. You can also place a bet with the other players.

Business cards

Carry a few business cards for networking purposes.

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