How to Do Fast End of Lease Cleaning for a Big House

End of lease cleaning is a condition in the tenancy agreement of whatever house you lease. The landlord has a right to get back the house in a state of cleanliness like it was at the beginning of the lease. End of lease cleaning is understandably a tiring and time-consuming task. The house must be cleaned from the topmost point on the ceiling to the hidden floor under the heavy sofas. It is not only tiring but also involves an element of risk. Cleaning at heights requires climbing high ladders. Stain removal requires handling harsh bleaches. What options are there to clean big house fast and do the job right?

DIY cleaning

A Do-It-Yourself approach to cleaning a big house would highly inefficient and most likely end up badly. End of lease cleaning is a task that involves more than the regular wiping, dusting and vacuuming. There is long-accumulated dust on the carpet under heavy furniture items to be cleaned. There are cobwebs on the ceiling to be removed, there is grease on the kitchen floor to wash off. A brush, mop and bucket would be woefully inadequate for such tasks.

Professional end of lease cleaners

Using professional cleaners is a smarter option when doing end of lease cleaning for a big house. A cleaning service has several advantages over DIY cleaning:

  • More manpower

A cleaning service is able to deploy more cleaners at a short notice than you would when cleaning DIY. It would take time to mobilize your family and friends while a cleaning service can just make calls to cleaners in its database.

  • Better equipment

A professional cleaning service is likely to have more equipment in its store than a household would have. While you most likely have a vacuum cleaner, a heavy-duty cleaning job will require more than one. The job will also require dry cleaners for the upholstery. Stubborn stains will require industrial grade bleach. A cleaning agency will easily mobilize this equipment and material.

  • Convenience

There are tens of tasks of small tasks to attend to when moving houses. There is little time for going back to your old house to clean. If you have moved to a different city, this would be impossible or make little sense. It is more convenient to hire a professional end of lease cleaning to do the job.

Leaving a professional end of lease cleaning service is more advantageous and guarantees a cleaning job that is unlikely to be disputed, making it faster to get your tenancy deposit back and ensure you use adequate end of tenancy cleaners.

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