Selling Your House? Post Tenancy Cleaning Gets More Money

If you are selling your house, it is no secret that curb appeal plays a big role in the price you get. Unfortunately, many people will make the house look as possible on the outside and forget to work on the interior. But many potential buyers will be keener on an interior inspection rather and see past efforts to beautify the outside. It is also true that a potential buyer will be turned off by the slightest imperfection, including hidden dust and dirt. As such, it is highly recommended that you engage the services of a post tenancy cleaning London service. How can a professional cleaning service get you more money when selling a house?

Better repairs

Post tenancy cleaning allows you to see the extent of wear and tear that occurred during the previous tenancy. You can see where mold damage has occurred after the mould is cleaned off. You can see the stains on the floor that will not go away despite all you’re cleaning efforts, you can see the water stains in the bathroom.

With thorough cleaning from top to bottom, a lot is revealed that enables comprehensive repairs to restore the house to a state as good as new. If new faucets are needed to replace the water-stained ones, this is done. If the ceiling is too damaged by mold, you will replace it, and so on. This is a better approach to the restoration rather than have potential buyers point out these flaws as they look elsewhere.

Eliminate hazards

Different people have different lifestyles. It could be that the previous occupant of the house was fond of pets, keeping several of them in the house. This will present an element of risk to the new owners if they are allergic to pet dander. Some pets also leave behind strong odors. Post tenancy cleaning London services are able to thoroughly vacuum and eliminate any pet dander, waste, and other hazards, leaving the house clean and smelling fresh.

Better styling options

A new buyer will often want to style the house in her own way. Post tenancy cleaning removes all traces of the previous occupants leaving the house a clean slate for the next occupant to put in place his/her own décor and styling options. A buyer will be more willing to look at a house which has open options than one which is locked in styling options.

Post tenancy cleaning London services are your best bet for having a house that will pass the inspection of potential buyers and make an impression, giving you a better negotiating position.

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