How to manage your Airbnb in London safely

Airbnb presents individuals with an excellent way to rent out their spare space for additional income. Although Airbnb hosts stand to make a killing, hosting is not always as straightforward as it may appear. For you to manage your Airbnb in London properly, you will have to deal with an array of challenges and safety is one of them. 

As an Airbnb host, it is important that you take preventative and reactive measures with the aim of keeping your property and your guests safe. If you are looking to manage your Airbnb in London safely, here are some tips to help:

Start with the basics

As a host, keeping your guests and your property safe all starts with the basics. Before you can consider any complex safety measures, some of the basic things that you will have to handle include:

  • Keeping any valuables locked up.
  • If there are any areas that you do not want guests accessing, ensure that they are cordoned off.
  • Replace any expensive valuables with cheaper alternatives that you do not mind being damaged or broken.
  • Check in with your guests every now and again to make sure that everything is as they expected. 
  • Demonstrate your interest in the safety and well being by handling any security issues before they get out of control.

Consider keyless door locks

Keyless door locks are an excellent idea especially if you cannot be there to welcome each and every guest upon their arrival. Keyless door locks are also great because guests can leave once they are ready without worrying about having to hand over their keys. These types of keys also prevent against loss as the only thing that guests need is a code that they can then use to access your property. With keyless guest locks, hosts can be notified whenever someone accesses the property.

Maintain fire safety

Installing fire safety devices is essential as a host as it will keep your property and its inhabitants safe at all times. Fire safety devices are widely accessible today and they are affordable and easy to install. The type of devices that you should add include smoke detectors, fire extinguisher, fire blankets and anything else that can prevent a fire from escalating or starting in the first place.

Supply a first aid kit

Keeping a well-stocked first aid kit in your property should be a no-brainer for any host. Not only will it make you a responsible host, but it will also make the guests feel that their wellbeing is well taken care of. Stocking first aid kits in your rental recognizes that accidents happen and if help is not immediately available in the event of one, your guests will be able to keep things in check until professional assistance arrives. It’s not an easy task to manage your Airbnb Property. For a professional Airbnb Management you can rely on reputable company such as Home Concierge as they have many years experience in offering Airbnb Property Management.