Everything you need to know about Gold Handicaps

If you are a fan of golf and enjoy watching it, you may have heard the term handicap being thrownaround by commentators. Though the term handicap may sound foreign and complex to new golfers, the term handicap actually refers to a numerical figure that is given to determine a player’s level of playing. As such, the handicap system is typically what separates the pros from the amateurs but very few individuals actually understand the science handicap system.

What exactly is the handicap system?

There is no universally accepted definition of the handicap system. However, it is generally agreed upon that the handicap system is the system that is used to determine the number of strokes above or below par that a golfer should be able to play at any one time. Basically, the system measures a golfer’s current skill or ability over a round of golf; and this ability is determined by a handicap number. The lower the handicap number, the more skilled the golfer is. There are various handicap systems in the world, but the most commonly used one is the one developedby the United States Golf Association.

How to get a golf handicap

There are various bodies in golf, situated in different parts of the world that govern and administer official handicaps. In most countries, even the United States, you cannot claim to have an official handicap without first joining a golf club or association.

If you have never played golf before, you cannot claim to have a handicap. To get one, you will have to join a club that can allow you to play so that you can be able to assign a number to your progress. When trying to come up with your handicap, one of the first things you have to do is keep score.

To keep score, simply have another golfer accompany you in a round of eighteen holes. The person that accompanies you must keep score before signing the score sheet or card at the end of the golfing round. You will have to play approximately 10 rounds of golf before you can qualify for a handicap.

To calculate the handicap, you will first need to get the course and slope rating of the property you intend to play on from the club itself. Manually, handicaps are calculated by subtracting the course rating from the golfer’s score and multiplying the number by 113. Nowadays, the mostclubshavecomputers into which golfers can feed their scores. Rather than calculate the handicap manually, the computer program does all the world and updates the handicap as the player progresses.